Improving the Social Skills of Children with HFASD: An Intervention Study

This study examined the effectiveness of a social skills and Theory of Mind (S.S.ToM) intervention for children with high-functioning ASD. Children were taught Theory of Mind (ToM) concepts, while learning friendship-making skills and strategies, through a story format. Compared to two control groups, S.S.ToM participants demonstrated significantly greater gains on measures of ToM and social responsiveness. At a 3-month follow-up assessment, improvements had been maintained and continued gains were observed.

*The S.S.ToM intervention in this article is the Friendship Lab.

Improving the social skills of children with HFASD_An Intervention Study


Social Matters

Social Matters is a publication from Autism Ontario, written in 2011. The aim of the document was to improve social skills interventions for Ontarians with Autism Spectrum Disorders by providing an overview of social skills programming in the province of Ontario.

The document includes:

  1. An overview of “social skills”
  2. Why are they important?
  3. What does social skills programming in Ontario look like?
  4. Key findings in the research into programs in Ontario
  5. What we learned about effective social skills programming
  6. Recommendations
  7. Helpful appendices