Vanessa, mother of 9 year old James, wrote:

James is having a fantastic year. He is doing things that we never thought possible. Last year, he spent only about 5 minutes each day in the classroom. This year he is spending the whole day in the class and making friends with his peers. He joined Scouts this fall. Last week he was invited to a friend’s house for dinner and walked home from school with that friend. I was so nervous. But he did it, and he should be able to do things like that, because that is what other kids do. He was so excited too. He told everyone about it.

Things had been so difficult for the past couple of years that we gave up trying to have him interact with peers. We had accepted that he just would never do it. He said he liked to be alone, so we accepted that. But The Friendship Lab forced us to try to get him involved socially. And when he did, he was so happy. He was becoming “self-sufficient” and introverted, but now he is interested in being social. Overall, we love what is happening with James. We thought that social development wasn’t that important, but after participating in The Friendship Lab we see how very important it is. As he develops more confidence and better strategies, other things like overall behaviour and cooperation have improved too.